Our Company

TECHTICIAN is an innovation-driven technology company that is based in Ipoh, Malaysia.
We are your partner that helps elevate your business value through practical, quality solutions.

We can help you to bridge the IT gap in your organization by adopting digital transformations.

With cutting edge technologies — like Business Intelligence and Cloud, your business operations can run more autonomously, ensuring higher business efficiency.

Experience Tomorrow’s Excellence
Take your technological leap with us.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves on creating impactful solutions that have long term, tangible benefits for our clients.
Practicality & efficiency are our essence.

TECHTICIAN's primary expertise are coding, programming & technology, but we are also in the business of relationships. We always put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. We value our client's success — sharing advancement opportunities, so that they can boldly move forward with new technologies at hand.